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Patient Testimony
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The following are the accounts of patients who have undergone surgery with The Vision Practice. These are genuine patients and the views recorded here have been written by the patients themselves.

Printing Industry Chief Executive
Having had very limited eyesight without the use of thick lens glasses since the age of 15 (now 64), the AcrySof Toric lenses implanted in March 2008 have proven to be extremely beneficial to me. To be able to see and drive without glasses is more than I ever hoped for when considering corrective surgery. My Optician was most impressed, as she had never seen the results of delicate eye surgery carried out on eyes with my restricted vision. The utmost attention was shown to me during the operation and every care was extended to me.

Mrs SB
Show Jumping Judge

The refractive lens exchange procedure has changed my life. I have worn glasses or contact lenses all my life and as a show jumping judge, I was finding increasing difficulty with the transition between distance and near vision. Mr Greenwood instilled me with confidence from the start, explained everything in detail and nothing was too much trouble.

The operation was arranged at my convenience and the procedure was quick and painless. I received excellent explanations of what was taking place in the operating theatre, which was reassuring. The recovery time was quick and I am delighted with the outcome. I no longer need glasses or contact lenses and I have excellent vision, near and far.

Mrs PT
Dyslexia Support Tutor, Higher Education

When I was told I needed cataract surgery, I was very nervous about the implications of the operation as well as the outcome. However, throughout the whole procedure – the initial consultation, the operation and follow up – John Greenwood was quietly reassuring and took meticulous care to address my individual needs. He raised the option of implanting a new Toric Lens which had been successfully trialled in the USA but only recently introduced into the UK. This would give me the best possible correction for the significant degree of astigmatism that had always compromised my glasses and contact lens prescriptions. To be faced with an innovative procedure was scary but the best alternative implant correcting my long sight would have left me still completely dependent on glasses. Mr Greenwood’s confidence in his skill and experience won my trust and I was not disappointed. The Toric Lens has immeasurably improved the quality of my sight and my life. From a lifetime of complete dependence on glasses, I now only need them for close work and my acuity of vision falls well within the safe limits for driving. To open my eyes in the morning and see the world in focus is a real gift.

Engineer of Astronomical Telescopes

I am in my early sixties and for more than a decade I have suffered from Iritis. My sight deteriorated and my pupils were permanently fixed to a small diameter. Mr Greenwood told me about modern cataract surgery and gave me a copy of his article on intraocular lenses. After the first operation on my right eye, I could not believe what I saw. White was brilliant white. By comparison my left eye saw white as yellowish ivory – a massive difference. Colours were two or three times more saturated and vibrant than before – just amazing! It was a high priority to see what my night vision was like. Again there was a huge difference and I estimate that I can see things at least twice as faint as before, probably more. After the left eye was operated on, the eye came into sharp focus less than a day after the operation. My sense of depth and perspective is better than I had ever achieved at any time in my life using glasses. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Mr Greenwood, firstly for having made me aware for the operation and secondly for having done a wonderful job in giving me my new eyes.


The process from initial consultation, including the actual surgical procedures, was carried out in a thoroughly professional manner. At all times I was considered as an individual with my own needs as the most important objective. I had total confidence that the outcome would be a success. My cataracts were treated successfully and the selected lenses allowed me to have excellent distance vision without spectacles for the first time in 50 years. To say that I am delighted is an understatement.

Mrs MH

In 2006 I was experiencing increasing problems as a result of cataracts. Mr Greenwood told me about a new type of lens ( ReSTOR) which would mean never having to wear glasses again. After my first operation, I could not believe the change; The colours in my garden were so bright and I could also read the paper the following morning without my glasses. I was so pleased with what Mr Greenwood had done for me. After having the second eye done, I have never looked back. I can now knit and sew and drive my car again. It has now been two and a half years since my operations and everything has been just fine. It is a very simple operation to have done with no after effects, but what great changes it has brought to my life – best of all no glasses ever again.


As I approached my 60th birthday I started to reflect on the things that will be important to me after I have received my bus pass. While the list is long, there are some fundamental aspects of my health and lifestyle which are key to enjoying the others. Of these, good eyesight and hearing are faculties that will inevitably deteriorate over time and so I set about learning more of what current medical science has to offer. In recent years I have become increasingly dependent on reading glasses for even the most simple tasks and I have had a feeling of increasing disability if they are not to hand. I started looking at laser treatments but learnt that this was not going to give me a longer term solution as it is the deterioration of my (natural) lenses that was going to cause me ongoing problems. This led me to looking at lens implants and on the recommendation of my optician, I read an article written by Mr Greenwood. At my first consultation the options were fully explained making it easier to decide which lenses to have. The procedure was virtually painless. Because of the varifocal nature of the lenses it has taken up to six weeks to get used to the close up focusing for reading. Medium to long distance vision seemed perfect from day two. I have now achieved total independence from wearing glasses and have 20:20 vision in both eyes - It’s fantastic! For anyone who is considering this course of sight correction, I can highly recommend it. I can also recommend having it done by Mr Greenwood and his skilled team in the comfort of the Hampshire Clinic.

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